Thursday, May 25

My wife is bi and wants to meet you!

Okay, that ought to generate a few thousand totally inappropriate hits on all the search engines.

The truth is that my wife was recently diagnosed as being bipolar. It finally put a name to her moodiness and emotional ups and downs... at least a more clinical name than crazy bitch.

As she struggles to deal with her new info and life in general, she decided to start a blog. Riding The BiPolar Express is her spot on the web where she can talk about her diagnosis and anything else that irks her or interests her at the moment.

Anyway, she is suffering the lonliness of every neoblogger and is hoping to turn her monologue into a dialogue or perhaps a full-blown roundtable discussion. In an effort to help her out, I thought I'd make a post to bring her blog to everyone's attention; at least the attention of the 5 people who stop by here.

Now, go on over and introduce her to the world of blogging. Start an argument, spam her or leave snarky anonymous comments.

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