Wednesday, May 24

Look at me! I'm a bad penny!

Yes, I am still alive! You knew I would turn up eventually. I also have news... I've been hired for the 3rd shift at the local drugstore and will be leaving supercenter on Sunday. I'm hoping that the new position won't have the same painful physical side-effects; even if it does, at least it pays more.

As for how things are going...

Lawn mower gives up the ghost. Replacement: $138.00.

Water conditioner self destructs and must be replaced. Plumber's visit and replacement: $1500.00

Living paycheck to paycheck on the edge of financial ruin. Priceless.

Speaking of those ubiquitous commercials, here's a humorous spoof of one. Please, note that it is not suitable for kids. So, if my daughter is reading this....Don't go there!

Maybe, I should sell my domain name. Thanks to Tammy, I went here and got an estimate on it's worth....

Combined Value Score: 85
Top Level Domain Score: 1
Unwanted Characters Score: 10
Dictionary Word Score: 50
Length Score: 8 Score: 6
Google Search Results: 7
Yahoo Search Results: 0
MSN Search Results: 6
Search Engine Score: 10

Estimated Base Value: $255.00
Estimated Actual Value: $10,838.00

If only. Maybe I'll take the analysis to the bank and try using it as collateral.

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