Monday, January 9

Alito bit more to the right

Tuesday, the Democrats on the judicial committee will get to ask tough, probing questions of Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito while the Republicans coo and stroke his wispy coif.

Alito, of course, will not answer any questions that might shed even the slightest hint as to his diabolical/theological leanings.

Some critics might say that quotes/memos like...

"There may be an opportunity to nudge the (high) court ... to provide greater recognition of the states' interest in protecting the unborn throughout pregnancy," Alito wrote.

"I find this approach preferable to a full-frontal assault on Roe v. Wade ... It makes our position clear, does not tacitly concede Roe's legitimacy, and signals that we regard the question as live and open."

...make it seem clear that Alito has designs on Roe V. Wade, but his backers say such evidence is murky at best.

Still, there are other ways to help form a theory about a nominee... Check out some of those backers. Backers like Jan LaRue(pictured with her good friend, Jesus), a Christian Activist who once had an illegal abortion and regrets it. Because she made a bad decision (for her), she is seeking to make it illegal for anyone to make that decision.

Unfortunately for activists on both sides of the abortion debate, it looks like the spotlight, during the hearings, will be on the President's illegal spying program.

Unfortunately for all of us that care about things like freedom and the Constitution, Alito will most certainly get confirmed.

Score another one for the far-right.

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