Saturday, January 14

Aged Heat

I am not in favor of capital punishment; I think the punishment is a bit too permanent for a process that is far too imperfect.

Still, even I cannot accept the argument that Clarence Ray Allen is too old to be put to death. After more than 23 years on death row, his attorney thinks it would be inhumane to put the aged and infirmed man to death. He's nearly deaf and legally blind and a convicted murderer twice over; they should have Kervorkian transferred in and let him handle the execution.

Although I am against capital punishment, it is the current law of the land (at least in those states that allow it). Mr. Allen is a product of the lengthy process of appeals and delays involved (rightly so in most cases) with capital convictions. To say that he shouldn't be executed now because he wasn't executed sooner is illogical and moronic.

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