Wednesday, June 30

Spider-Man 2

Just got back from a 12:01 showing of Spider-Man 2 and am quite pleased with the film. Since it is 3AM, I will give a very brief review.

As with X2, this movie is not burdened with the need to present the origin (which is recapped artistically during the opening credits) and introduce all of the characters; this allows for a lot more FUN and ACTION.

I have to say that the film's Doc Ock is a great improvement on the comic version. He is a tragic figure that has the audience hating him while feeling sorry for his situation. Alfred Molina is great at bringing all of this to the screen.

The only letdown for me was the simplistic solution to the major problem/threat at the end of the movie (I have since been informed by an expert that the solution was actually more than was neccessary to end the threat.. I apologize to the writers).

Once again J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson) steals every scene he is in, and Bruce Campbell gets a nice little cameo. Everyone else from the first movie is back and seem to enjoy there time on screen.

Toby McGuire gets to lose the mask several times and remind us of the man behind the hero... and what a hero he is. There is a great sense of the man in this Spider-Man and a true feeling of the heroic effort and sacrifice in his actions.

There are so many plotlines and villains set up for future films that I'm not sure what to expect in Spider-Man 3... and I like it like that.

It has action, humor, romance, drama and, most of all, heart. It is a perfect summer movie and arguably the best of the comic book movies.


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