Tuesday, June 29

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Yes, that is the name of the 6th installment of the series.

Just the title makes me giddy with anticipation for the book. I am an unabashed Potterphile (although that term sounds too much like pedophile to me) and make a point to visit The Leaky Cauldron and J. K. Rowling's official site regularly for my fix.

The only news that I am waiting more eagerly for would be the release date for George R.R. Martin's next installment of the A Song Of Ice And Fire series. It has been 4 years since the last book and I am jonesing mightily for A Feast Of Crows to come out and continue one of the best series of any genre. Do yourself a favor, if you haven't already, and seek out the first book, A Game Of Thrones, and get hooked. For those of you who like vampire fiction, you might also want to find his book, Fevre Dream.

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