Sunday, June 20

Putin On The Ritz

The bombshell that President Putin casually dropped last Friday concerning planned attacks on the U.S. by Saddam Hussein, has me scratching my head.

I pride myself on not being a conspiracy theorist, but this makes me wonder...

Just what has Bush offered Putin to get this information to the public?

If Russia repeatedly warned us of these post 9/11 plans of Hussein, why have we not learned of it until now? In their efforts to convince the country to support the invasion of Iraq, the administration gives us the yellow cake uranium story that had already been debunked and all the tales of mobile chemical weapons labs; and they forget to mention this valuable and incriminating Russian intelligence that would certainly bolster support (if not assure it)!?

This means that the administration is even more incompetent than I imagined (hardly possible) or this is some kind of quid pro quo situation to get Putin to help in Dubya's election effort.

My other question is why has this seemingly evaporated into the ether? It would seem to be an highly interesting story to investigate for both sides. Just how credible is Putin's statement and why haven't we heard about it before now?


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