Friday, June 25

Monica Thinks Bill's Book Sucks! (Or Maybe Blows.)

Monica Lewinsky is hurt by Bill Clinton's retelling of their affair in his new book.

"I have spent the past several years working so hard to just move on, and to try and build a life for myself," said Lewinsky, 30, who has been a spokeswoman for diet company Jenny Craig and host of the reality TV show Mr. Personality.

Yes, because those 2 jobs were given to her based only on her qualifications.

Exactly, what did Monica think Bill was going to say about her in the book? That he really loved that intern, but had to give her up for the sake of the country? She was young and naive and truly believed that Bill and she were soulmates... he was a Rhodes Scholar and leader of the free world and she was an intern with a jaunty beret... it was destined to be forever. Oral sex and cigar tricks are not the foundation for a lasting relationship. She can't honestly think that she bears no responsibility for the shenanigans that went on in the oval office. I know, she was young (although I think that 22 is old enough to know better) and he was in a position of authority... it was his fault. Still, she needs to come to terms with what a moronic little twit she was and get past it. She got a book deal and the aforementioned jobs from her youthful indiscretion; that is far more than most young women in such relationships get.

Former President Clinton's book made her feel "like an insignificant piece of dirt."

One could certainly argue that "dirt" is too unkind, but the insignificant is spot on. Clinton was the significant dirt and she was an insignificant footnote in his oral history.

Rant over.

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