Thursday, May 27

TV Tidbits...

It's like Joan of Arcadia on crack!

According to various sources, it appears that Wonderfalls might just be out on DVD before the end of the year (maybe they can use the above endorsement on the DVD box). If sales are impressive, there may even be a future for the series. Start saving your pennies and treat yourself to all 13 episodes of a wonderfully weird series.

It's Springtime For Hitler And Enterprise!


I have to say that I saw the cliffhanger for Enterprise coming right after we got the news of Archer's fate; I just wasn't sure exactly what the alteration would be. Still, you can never go wrong with Nazis (Well, you most certainly can, but not in the dramatic sense.).

I have to admit that I enjoyed the last half of this season immensely. It is still not DS9 quality, but I will certainly be back for next season. By then it will probably be called The All New, All Different Star Trek: Enterprise!

One last note... Jeffrey Combs (has he achieved some sort of record on the number of roles he's played on the Trek series'?) needs to become a part of the cast! Let's hear it for Shran; start that petition drive!

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