Tuesday, May 25

Just A Short Comic Related Rant: Those B*@%@#ds Killed Scott Lang!

Ever since Scott Lang/Ant-Man was introduced way back in Marvel Premiere #47, I have been waiting for a good writer to utilize the great potential the character offered and turn him into a first tier character. He was an ex-con trying to make a better life for himself and his young daughter; he also happened to stumble into the super-hero biz out of desperation and a little breaking-and-entering. A single parent as a super-hero always seemed like an idea that was full of possibilities (which is why I am also a fan of the Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman) that could easily launch a series. Of course, I have always been more interested in character pieces than super-hero action.

I would imagine someone like Brian Bendis could create a very mature and compelling series around Scott Lang (or Julia Carpenter). He did show some promise with Lang during appearances in Alias.

This is why it stings even more to find out that Scott Lang is the first casualty (from the preview in Wizard) in the big Avengers: Disassembled storyline by Bendis this July. It just seems like a grand waste of character for the sake of a bodycount.

I just had to get that fanboy rant off my chest.

Of course, the preview could be misleading; it could be a trick to make some aging fanboy get all pouty on his blog (some other fanboy; some other blog). Maybe Scott managed to shrink down before the blast and ride it out. Maybe Lang has not become second tier cannon fodder for the sake of melodrama.

Go back to whatever you were doing.

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