Tuesday, April 6

Kerry's Search For A MVVP Continues

John Kerry is still searching for a Most Valuable Vice President. Although, this is the least of his worries. I can't bear to watch his campaign careening along the anti-Bush path with no positive or inspiring planks being laid out for his platform. Everything he's announced so far has had the hollow ring of pandering to it. I want to see some vision and be inspired by his commitment. If he doesn't pick John Edwards as his VP candidate; he should at least hire him on as a life coach. Kerry really needs to be more positive and upbeat and let others take on Dubya's smear machine. John Edwards can give him lessons on being more approachable and personable. The Republican's don't have to work very hard to portray him as an elitist snob; they are enjoying the everyman versus the country club stiff approach. It is the Caddy Shack campaign and Kerry is Ted Knight.

I am not feeling confident about Kerry as time continues to be wasted.

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