Friday, April 9

Funked Up

I seem to have lost the will to blog as of late. I am adjusting to a minor change in my work schedule and trying to deal with a bout of frequent, excruciating headaches that last most of the day. I managed to medicate myself to the point where I could get thru work last night, but the effort and medication seem to drain me of the late night energy that fuels a lot of my blog entries. Being one of those uninsured Americans, I refuse to go to a doctor unless I am broken or bleeding (and it has to be a lot of bleeding). Right now, I feel pretty chipper; but I can feel another headache warming up in the bullpen.

The other things that contribute to my blogging funk are the Iraq situation and the Kerry Kampaign.

It is frustrating and heartbreaking to watch the turmoil and carnage in Iraq and know that we had no valid reasons to invade. It is even more frustrating to read the polls that show people still think that Dubya is doing a great job in his war on terrorism even while they doubt his efforts in Iraq. Is the mental disconnect for these people so huge that they can't see that this Iraq Invasion has increased the number of would-be terrorists throughout the world?

The Kerry Kampaign is just as disheartening. The somniferous voice combined with the total lack of message or inspiration is so depressing. I feel like I've been on an anyone-but-Bush bender and woke up next to a coyote candidate (the one you'd chew your own arm off to escape from). Maybe it is just my funk talking, but Kerry is starting to worry me.

Before I sign off, I just want to thank Mike Norton for providing the link to the hare raising account of the bunny beating Bible thumpers that provided a smile.

Then there is this. I found it during a web search this morning.

This funk will not stand. I will be back!

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