Friday, March 12

Why Kerry Wanted That Spending Cut On Intelligence...

Here is a story that covers the previous attack by the honest and forthright President and his non-crooked cronies. It shows that Dubya's smear was one of those half-right, half-assed shots at Kerry.

Five days before Kerry introduced his legislation, The Washington Post reported that the NRO had hoarded $1 billion to $1.7 billion of unspent funds without informing the CIA or the Pentagon. Months earlier, the CIA had launched an inquiry into the NRO's funding after complaints by lawmakers that the agency had used more than $300 million of unspent classified funds to build a Virginia headquarters for the organization a year earlier.

How shameful that Kerry was attempting to recover money that the NRO had secretly stashed away for its own discretionary uses.

Not that the President and his party are lying or anything.

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