Monday, March 8

Shocking News! Many Presidential Candidates Are Rich!

The new anti-Kerry ad, by the conservative group Citizens United, is supposed to shock and appall viewers with the revelation that John Kerry is rich. The ad pronounces that his wealth makes him an elitist... Not just an elitist, but a LIBERAL elitist! I am stunned. Did you know that he was rich? Talk about an eye-opening ad campaign.

Would you rather have a liberal elitist as your President or a good ol' boy zealitist? It would be too easy to make a response ad to this crap that would make Bush out for the wealthy twit that he is. Why bother? We are all aware that most Presidents were rich guys...Who else can afford to run? It's hard to take a year or 2 off from your job at Wal-Mart and run for president. The reason the Republicans go for this kind of attack is that their guy is rich and is serving the rich at the expense of the rest of the country. Now, they want to blow their whistle and claim that rich is a bad thing in a Democratic candidate.

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