Thursday, March 25

Kerry Rejoins The Race

After a week of vacationing, John Kerry is heading back out on the campaign trail. The democrats held a unity rally to see him off.

I see that Kerry plans on traveling economy, with his first few speeches focusing on the economy and jobs. I do believe it is an important subject and a real weakness for Bush, but we really need to get a good look at Kerry's vision for national security here and abroad. This is a plank that the Bush League has pried up from their platform and smacked Kerry repeatedly about the head and shoulders with. Let's not keep Kerry's plans for security a secret until the convention; he can't run on the it's the economy stupid theme alone. Right now, he is coming across as a vague poster boy for the Anybody But Bush brigade.

Howard Dean's endorsement is wonderful and unifying, but...

"We cannot tolerate four more years of George W. Bush's right-wing ideological agenda." Is really not a battle cry that will bring in the swing votes.

Let's see some substance.

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