Thursday, March 4

How Else Can They Increase The Bigoted, Redneck Population?

The Girl Scouts are being boycotted in Texas (This story comes from Crawford, Texas, home of George Bush. What a surpise!) because of their affiliation with Planned Parenthood and their toleration of homosexuality. The boycott was instigated by a group called Pro-Life Wac(k)o. It is not like either of these troublesome points are forced on the troops or their members; such things are left up to individual troop leaders. Rather than seeing all the good that can come from the girls experience with the organization, zealots must withhold support until all things are in line with their beliefs... no one else's beliefs are acceptable. Keeping the young children ignorant about sex and withholding information about birth-control is the only way these miscreants can be sure that their numbers will increase.

I am a proud parent of a Girl Scout, and I'm selling those cookies as if I were getting a badge of my very own. The fact that this fine organization is affiliated with Planned Parenthood, is just one of the things that I admire about them; another would be their tolerance for homosexuals. When I read about the Boy Scouts and the intolerance they promote, I am grateful that the Girl Scouts really know to raise good people and good citizens.

Keep up the good work, ladies!

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