Thursday, March 4

Bush Starts His Smear Campaign Against The Waffling Liberal.

The day after John Kerry's win on Super Tuesday, George Bush began his offensive attempts to paint Kerry with broad, conservative brush strokes. He's LIBERAL, for God's sake, cover your children's eyes and RUN, RUN! Okay, he didn't use those words, but you know that's what he means.

I agree with Bill Maher (more often than not), that the Democrats need to embrace the term, LIBERAL. It is not a bad thing to be, and they've let the Republicans transform the term into an almost profane thing. As for the waffling; I have never believed that learning, growing and changing, and adjusting your views accordingly, was a bad thing. Of course, in the rigidly, inflexibly entrenched world of the right-wing, this is a horrible thing. They will speak of principle and assure us that a principled man, like George Bush would never change his mind on the issues... such as Nation Building and such. Note to Democrats: Get that Daily Show segment where they had Governor Bush debating President Bush on all of the issues he has waffled on... not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

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