Monday, February 23

Declaration of Dependence

If I thought more than a handful of people actually visited this blog, I would ask everyone to use the PayPal button on the left to start financing my idea for a new political party. The Dependent Party!

The Independent Party seems to be an oxymoron. Doesn't independent mean to stand alone without requiring outside assistance. I want a candidate to rely on the people, seek their input and stand with them.

The Dependent Party will seek like-minded individuals to unite against the established party machines and take back control of the process. A Dependent candidate would declare their dependence on the process by running in the Democratic primaries and changing the process from within. Other Dependents would seek to gain standing in the Democratic National Committee and throw a wrench in the political machine.

I reach out to others tired of the status quo and eager to terraform the current landscape of the Democratic Party. Join me and we shall work to develop a platform built by the people and not by special interests and corporations.

I not only need your help; I Depend upon it! The best offense is sincere Dependence!

This was an unpaid announcement for the Dependent Party.

Well, it might work. ;)

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