Wednesday, May 26

LOST In Translation

All in all, I was not satisfied with the Lost series finale. The so-called sideways universe/purgatory managed to raise more unanswered questions than the previous 5 seasons had. Not being one of those warm-fuzzy fans of quasi-religious claptrap, the going toward the light ending was rather lame. Was there great character moments and the return of old friends? Yes, but most of the characters weren't even in character through most of the show. Did we get an ending to the island drama-rama? Sort of. It did end with good overcoming evil... if you thought MIB was evil. I still have some doubts... the poor guy was raised by some crazy bitch who killed his real mom (for very vague reasons that didn't seem to good to me only to snap when he learned the truth about her and was smoked by his brother and sentenced to a very long life imprisoned on the island). I kinda felt sorry for him.

Nonetheless, the battle was won and Jack died and gave Hurley the island. Then, we immediately jump to the death of everyone and that it is the end. The finale played on our love of the characters and insta-nostalgia for the series by presenting the half-assed wrap up. Did I get all weepy? Yes, but that doesn't mean I was satisfied.

Furthermore, they promise to answer more of the mysteries on the DVD!!! I shouldn't have to pay for the damned answers!

Not a horrid finale, but far from impressive.

Personally, I would have stayed with Ben.

Maybe we can have a spin-off Hurley's Island

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