Friday, April 9

Taxing my patience

This recent article in the Economist show the mental block that the anti-tax folks have when it comes to their rage against taxes and government involvement in their lives.

The majority of people asked, would rather cut spending than raise taxes; but when asked what government programs they would cut too accomplish this, they couldn't come with any other than foreign aid.

I, being a leftist/liberal, would be happy if the defense budget was trimmed to pay for more of my socialist agenda.

But that's just me.

Of course, from the above poll, the majority doesn't seem to eager to cut those programs either.

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SuperWife said...

My favorite part is how that Foreign Aid makes up less than 1% of the total Federal budget. Cut it ALL out and it still makes no difference. For what it's worth, I'm entirely in your Defense Budget Cutting camp, Mark. In fact, I brought marshmallows.