Thursday, April 1

How To Train Your Dragon

Just wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone goes out and sees this absolutely wonderful movie. I'm not just saying that because Craig Ferguson voices one of the characters either; I'm saying it because the movie is worth seeing....more than once. I saw it in 2D and 3D and was thoroughly entertained both times.

It is a family movie with a great story and great characters. It's a buddy movie and more. Its about a boy and his dragon, a boy and his father and a boy and the girl he desperately wants to impress. Overall, it is a story about a boy who takes a stand against his village and their way of life.

Don't just take my word for it. Entertainment Weekly gave it an A-, and they are notoriously tough reviewers.

It was number one at the box office last weekend with a $43 million dollar take, but fell short of it's projected earnings and was said to be a disappointment for Dreamworks to the extent that their stock took a hit. I am hoping that word-of-mouth will improve it's box-office numbers. It deserves it.

Go see it today.... and tomorrow!

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