Friday, April 23

Get a Job!

This is priceless.

Stephen Baldwin has filed bankruptcy and now wants his fellow christians to send him money so that he can remain rich and continue to preach the gospel to the Hollywood pagans.

Yes, by clicking on, good christian folk can send this talentless hack their money to make sure he stays wealthy.

He claims that he has filed bankruptcy because he can't get hired due to his outspoken beliefs; I claim it is because he is a crap actor who only got jobs because he cashed in on his brother's fame.

Of course, I am just a mean-spirited pagan. Stephen thinks of himself as a modern-day Job, and this downturn in his life is because he is being tested. To prove all those nonbelievers wrong, he is asking for god to restore him via other people's money...just like Job.

I say he should restore himself by getting a job.

Say it with me Stephen, Do you want fries with that?


SuperWife said...

Okay, I totally thought this was a joke. Well, it IS a joke, but maybe only to a few of us. So, he's spent all the money he's made doing a lot of crappy movies and tv...on drugs and hookers and no where CLOSE to enough mental health care...and everyone else is supposed to send him money. Which he promises he WON'T use on drugs and hookers and no where NEAR enough mental health care, but will, instead, use on preaching to folks who don't want to hear it, about what a friend he has in Jesus...

yeah, sure, where's my checkbook? Highlander...have you seen my checkbook? I gotta send Stephen Baldwin some money...

Mark said...

Forget that checkbook, I'm sure you can arrange a monthly payment via your credit card or bank account to help Stephen and God. Think of as a tithe.