Monday, March 8

Oscars...The Grouch

They managed to make the Academy Awards far less entertaining without trimming any of the running time.

First, let me be clear, I don't mind how long the show lasts; I would just like it to be entertaining. Martin and Baldwin were painful to endure. The jokes were weak and the delivery was weaker. Martin did a much more impressive and funny job on his own, so I am going to have to blame the writers for most of it.

The John Hughes tribute was nicely done, and, thankfully, there were some good acceptance speeches to make up for the presentation.

Even Neil Patrick Harris was wasted on an intro song with painfully crappy lyrics.

Who thought that dumping the best song performances and replacing it with the underwhelming dancing with the scores presentation... Yeah, that was an improvement that injected the show with some energy....Zzzzzzzzz.

Ben Stiller
's bit was the most amusing thing of the night. Take that for the praise that it is.

I would also like to point out that Elinor Burkett has no class.You can read about her tacky behavior here.

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