Friday, February 26


I came through the procedure and am at home and relatively comfortable.

I woke up, this morning, with a migraine but managed to get going (even though I couldn't take anything for it) and head for the fun. I got there and made it through the paperwork and preop preparations. They told me I would be getting some narcotics in my IV, and I hoped that would help with the migraine as well. It did take the sharp edges off until I was wheeled into surgery and put completely out.

Unfortunately, the migraine was waiting for me when I emerged from the anesthesia. Between the migraine and nausea, I was miserable and managed some real fine projectile vomiting (got some amazing distance). I finally recovered enough to head home and get in bed and actually fall asleep. I woke later with the migraine still holding on. Fortunately, the pain pill I took upon waking took care of my hands and head.

I can't do much of anything that requires any pressure or dexterity... about everything, but I do have my fingers free enough to type this update.

More later.

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Tony Collett said...

I'm glad to read that you made it through okay. I just read this post to Kathy and she's glad, too. She says to get plenty of rest.
And of course, let us know if you need anything.