Wednesday, February 10

Aging Bull....Sh*t

I remember a time when I didn't groan when I stood from a sitting position. I remember a time when pain wasn't a daily visitor. Ah, the good old days! Or should I say, the good young days.

I seem to have done something to my right shoulder that resulted it agonizing pain every time I attempt to raise it too high or lift things too heavy. I should probably see a doctor but already have surgery on both my wrists scheduled for the 26th. That will require me to be off work for 6 weeks, and I'm hoping the time off will allow for the shoulder to improve on its own.

Thankfully, I have short-term disability that will cover about 70% of my wages. Unfortunately, the other 20% will still be needed to pay all of the bills. We have juggled the budget and should make it through... as long as nothing unexpected occurs.

Let's hope for only the expected.