Friday, January 15

The Long Price Quartet

I just finished reading this series by Daniel Abraham and cannot possibly heap enough praise upon it to actually do it justice. I can only tell you that it is one of the finest fantasy series I have ever read. The characters are vividly portrayed and fully realized; and their story is epic in scope, yet more intimately engaging than anything I've read in years. I was hooked after the first book, A Shadow in Summer, and quickly made my way through the three remaining books.

Abraham has vaulted to the top of my must read list.

Go forth and find these books!

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Doc Nebula said...

Uh... okay, I'll investigate. Thanks. Always looking for a good read.

I'll point you to Alistair Reynold. Got one of his books for Christmas -- THE PREFECT -- and will be grabbing as many others as the budget can afford.

On the other hand, avoid Elizabeth Bear. Decent enough writer from a craft POV, but absolutely no sense of humor at all. After 300 pages of "Oh my GOD it's the eldritch forces of Faerie vs the stalwart human magii of the early 21st century and Our Heroine who is half-Fae half human must decide her loyalties but how, how, how can she and her lover is a WEREWOLF and the most powerful sorcerer in all of history is a BLACK WOMAN", all of it apparently written by a big eyed, breathless 14 year old, I just pitched the fucker into the corner.