Saturday, December 5

Have You Missed Me?

Did you even notice that I was gone?

For the last month and maybe until next year, we are without our NEW desktop computer and are at the mercy of our computer fix-it specialists until our copy of Windows 7 comes in and other problems get worked out. We could hook up our old desktop but I am clueless as to how to program it thru the wireless router.

'Til the new one in fixed or I become a computer genius in my sleep, we are stuck sharing the laptop. Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely HATE typing on a laptop?
Well, I do!!

That I why I have been MIA and will probably remain that way for a while. I just wanted to pop in and let anyone that might stop by know that I am still around.

I hope that your Thanksgiving was a nice one and that the rest of this season and year bring you peace, joy and prosperity.

Due to the computer snafus, I will not be able to offer up the annual Christmas music video... so hum a Christmas song while your reading this post.


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