Tuesday, September 15

Frog Day Afternoon

Last week, at work, one of the cleaning crew waved me over to see something that he was looking at on the floor. When I got over to where he was sweeping, I found the dried carcass of one of those Dwarf African Frogs that we sell in the pet department. Being me, I picked up the poor little critter only to find out that one tiny webbed foot was feebly moving. I quickly put in a container of water and in a short time the little thing was fit as a fiddle. Once again, me being me, I decided to buy a 1.5 gallon aquarium and make a home for the hardy little survivor.

I have since decided to get a bigger aquarium and a companion frog and spend too much time surfing the web for info on making the frog's life perfect. My wife and Only Child are sure I have lost my mind and I tend to agree....

The above picture was lifted from the web, as I couldn't get my frog to hold still for a non-blurry photo.

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