Tuesday, August 4


Starting on Thursday, I will be taking another mini-vacation from work. I will be driving Only Child to Ft. Wayne for Ikasucon. She had plans to go for all 3 days with some friends, but as time grew short it looked like it would be too expensive for the stay. Since she had already bought a 3-day pass, I told her I would drive her up on Friday so she could get some use out of her pass; then thought that, if I could scrape up some cash for a hotel for one night, she could get in 2 days of the con. Found the cheapest hotel (I'm not holding out much hope for quality)and booked one night. That will give me someplace to hole up while she's at the con and I want to check out the new Half-Price Books that recently opened.

We are going to do this on the very, very cheap; I plan on taking the makings of PB&J's and some drinks in a cooler and spending nothing more than hotel and gas expenses. O.C. has some spending money for the con and I will take some books/comics and my MP3 Player for entertainment. It isn't luxury but it isn't work either.
Let's hope my car is up to the task. Everyone cross their fingers.

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