Friday, July 31

The Pop-ulist Movement

This ad always makes me laugh at how stupid the Americans are. It really doesn't matter which side of this issue you are on... it is amazingly stupid regardless.

Even thought I love them, I am absolutely fine with a tax on snacks and drinks that are bad for us. As long as their is a restriction that the tax can only be a certain percentage of the actual cost of the item is and can NEVER go above that. I do not want a case of the government getting a taste of the easy money and coming back for more of an easy fix like they do with cigarettes.

I think cigarettes are unfairly taxed. The tax on tobacco products should be lowered to a similar percentage (maybe a little higher) and never allowed to be raised. If the taxes were lowered on them, the smokers would buy more anyway and the money would keep on coming. I believe in everyone's right to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

What makes this ad so damn funny/offensive is this line...

taxes have never made anyone healthy

You've got to love such simpleminded thinking. Of course, taxes don't make people healthy.... money to cover the cost of affordable/quality healthcare does!!!!

Now that they brought it up, taxes never stopped crime or fires either! We shouldn't be taxed for police and fire protection.

They should tell the truth. This ad wasn't brought to you by Americans Against Food Taxes... It was brought to you by Morons Who Think You're One Too.

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