Thursday, June 25

Sins and Sensiblity

South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, announced to his constituents and the world that he is an adulterer and a moron.

Sanford (R) disappeared from his state for nearly a week, including Father's Day, infuriating lawmakers in Columbia and leaving behind befuddled staff members who said they thought their boss was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. But he actually had left the governor's mansion in a state-issued SUV and jetted to Buenos Aires, where he spent five days with the woman.

Did he really think that a sitting governor could sneak away for 6 days and no one would figure out where he really went? Did he think that his little unannounced getaway would not be considered irresponsible and idiotic. I couldn't care less that he was having an affair; it is the disappearing for days and sneaking out of the country that I think would be reason to ask him to step down as governor and let someone a bit more focused take over.

Sanford is one of those bible-quoting, defenders of marriage that the Republican party reveres so much. Like many of these bastions of morality, his sense of moral outrage and certainty only applies to others. His presidential ambitions are most likely derailed and his governorship may be as well. I know that, if I were a South Carolinian, I wouldn't want this self-involved twit to be my governor.

As an immoral liberal, I do want to thank Sanford for being the hypocrite that he is and reminding us all what a joke the Republican party has become.

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