Saturday, June 13

A Day Out With Only Child

After spending a week without my beloved child, we made up for it by having a day out. We took in Up at the AMC and then hit the mall and Half Price Books. We then stopped by one of my co-worker's house to play some Wii. It was the first time playing the Wii and I must say that I really wish I could get one for Only Child.... and myself. I enjoyed the bowling and golf in spite of my poor showing.

I just want to add my voice to the chorus singing the praises of Up. It is another masterpiece by Pixar! A delightful piece of fantasy that lives up to its name and soars. Can those guys make a bad movie!?

In other news. Our hours have been cut at work in an effort to make sure that my ends don't meet.

Check back later.


Doc Nebula said...

Bring Only Child, your delightful wife, and your happy, smiling self down here sometimes and you can play Wii with us.

SuperAdorable Kid is a MEAN bowler.

Mark said...

There is so very few things I would love more than to come down and visit with your gracious and delightful family. I just wish I had a more reliable car and the cash to do it.