Wednesday, April 29

Word Of The Day: apathostic

People often ask me what my religious beliefs are and I have, as a rule, claimed myself an agnostic. Until now. I still don't know if there is a higher power or an afterlife... and I have come to the conclusion that I really don't care.

I am an apathetic agnostic.

I have decided that there isn't really a term to fit my belief system, so I have coined a new term... apathostic. Simply put, I don't care in the slightest whether there is a higher power or what his plans/demands are for me. I try to live my life as morally as possible and follow the commandments that make sense. I try to be honest, kind and helpful to my fellow travelers thru life. Where I go after death is really not that important to me. I do not believe in hell and most ideas of heaven don't thrill me that much. Me, I'm a here and now kind of guy. Whether or not this will please or appease some higher power is not my concern... it works for me.

apathostic: A person that doesn't know or care whether or not there is a higher power or an afterlife.

Please, go back to what you were doing before I interrupted you with this unsolicited announcement. Hey, it's my blog... deal.

No... I do not worship Mr. T ... I just thought it was cool. I found it here.


Zebidee said...

Nice one Mark! I just came up with this idea myself and Googled it to see if it already existed. Nice to see there are other people out there who just don't care about this stuff.

Zebidee said...

Now in The Urban Dictionary, with appropriate credit to you.