Tuesday, March 10

Shower Stalled

After moving all the stuff that would be in the way of the new tub install. it has yet to be done. There were some mix-ups and other problems that kept them from making it all week. Hopefully, they will be here in the morning to finally do the install. I can't stand having piles of books and such piled everywhere and bookcases and other furnishings accumulating in the living room... I will be happy when everything is once again in the proper place.

UPDATE: Of course, the tub was not installed today...some new f@#k-up on their part; but they swear they will be here in the morning.....Yeah.

In other news, Only Child has been buying 45's to decorate the walls of her bedroom. They must be of singers/bands that she likes of the vinyl era... Billy Joel, Phil Collins, ELO, Styx and such. She has even moved up to albums now; we snagged Billy Joel's The Stranger, Styx' Killroy Was Here and Supertramp's Breakfast In America. She is still searching for the ultimate treasure, anything by Queen. She and I both have decided that it would be cool to get our hands on a record player to listen to her decorations too.


Gordon D said...

You might want to check out Big Lots - you might be able to find one fo those all-in-one units (phonograph/radio/CD player) for about $50.

(I know, it's money you may not have...but think of it as a goal to work towards. Or a harbinger that things may turn around)

Mark said...

I may not have the cash at this time but it will be considered when better days come....they are coming, right?

It seems that all of the Big Lots around these parts have closed up shop; I really miss shopping there.