Tuesday, February 10

Last night's Presidential press conference

Watching the President's press conference, I was impressed with his passionate defense of his stimulus bill. My favorite line was below. I seldom hear the term ginned up used in daily conversation. Enlivened or intoxicated? I love the etymological origins of the term.

I truly think the term is an accurate description for the impetus of the last eight years of muck-ups.

I'd love -- you know, this notion that somehow I came in here just ginned up to spend $800 billion, you know, I mean, that wasn't -- that wasn't -- that wasn't how I envisioned my presidency beginning. But we have to adapt to existing circumstances.

Then there is always an idiot (Michael Fletcher from the Washington Post) to ask a totally moronic question...

Yes, thank you, sir. What is your reaction to Alex Rodriguez's admission that he used steroids as a member of the Texas Rangers?

At this point, if I were president, I would have instructed Mr. Fletcher to sit down and ask if anyone had a relevant question regarding the current problems facing the nation. That's just me.

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