Wednesday, November 5

Democracy has never felt so good!

I've been voting for nearly 3 decades and have never felt more
inspired by the democratic process. Not just because my candidate won, but because he won against such a smear campaign of hate and fear mongering. Yes, McCain was gracious in loss; but he has a long way to go before he could ever rehabilitate his image. As for his running mate, I will refrain from mentioning her by name in hopes that she will fade from the the spotlight and return to the far north and remain there in perpetuity. Unfortunately, I fear that she will return like a horror movie villain in 4 years' time.

Another sign of hope is the results of this election...

North Carolina

100% of precincts reporting
Kay Hagan (Dem) 2,207,819 53%
Elizabeth Dole (Rep) 1,855,352 44%
Christopher Cole (Lib) 131,072 3%

Elizabeth Dole ran a desperate smear campaign against her opponent and lost.

One sour note was that Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann won re-election in Minnesota. It makes me wonder just what is wrong with the people of her district.

The most depressing result of this election was that bigotry continues to flourish against homosexuals. Florida and Arizona passed bans on same-sex marriage, and it looks like California voters may have said yes to Proposition 8. Although, it will be a slim margin; that is little solace for the newlywed couples throughout the state. In Arkansas, gay couples have been banned from adopting children. Apparently, it is much better for the children to be left in the care of the state rather than be raised by caring gay couples.

Still, filled with the promise of a renewed America, I believe that we will inevitably win out over these bigoted advances for theocracy. We can do it.

Yes, we can.

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