Thursday, October 30

The Political Musings Of Victoria Jackson

Ben Varkentine brought this to my attention via his blog.

Victoria Jackson thinks that Obama might be the Anti-Christ.

Visit her blog for more of her evangelical exhortations.

Here is a brief glimpse into her mind...

"We must in all seriousness ask if Barack Hussein Obama could be a Muslim terrorist sympathizer or a Marxist mole. His closest friends include Communists, domestic and Muslim terrorists, racists and convicted felons. In his book Audacity of Hope, Barack Hussein Obama says, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

"It is ironic and ominous that just 7 years after Islamic fundamentalist terrorists blew up the World Trade Center, that America may be about to elect a President with three Islamic names - Barack Hussein Obama - who has an Islamic education (in Indonesia), and strong Islamic ties and leanings."

(The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor)

Come On America! Wake Up! How stupid can you people be?!

One of the leading Islamic Extremist organizations, Hamas, endorsed Obama! HELLO!

HOPE Americans start researching the candidates before they vote, and that they
CHANGE from ignorance and/or apathy to a passion for the Truth!

Exactly.... How stupid can you people be?! It is not their evangelical, fundamentalist religion that angers me. I may disagree with most of their positions and beliefs, but I reluctantly admire their strong faith. It is when they twist their beliefs to come up with this Obama is evil bullshit; he may not be their choice for a leader and they may not trust him, but this does not mean he is evil incarnate.

Can't your unwaivering faith allow for the possibility that their are other ways of being a good Christian or, dare I suggest it, a good secularist?

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