Thursday, October 23

Lyin' Bitch and the Wardrobe

I really didn't have much to say regarding the $150,000 dressing up of Sarah Palin; I just wanted to use that headline.

I'm am glad she is getting a dressing down about it.

Still, at the demoralizing rate of pay I am currently struggling with to keep behind in most of my bills, that would be about 8 years gross pay.

I realize that all candidates are going to have little in common with me and my daily life; $400 haircuts and the like are just a reminder. I am an adult and do not let such excesses distract me from the issues.

It is the fact that Palin insists on playing the country bumpkin role that makes this one a bit more insulting.

I'm glad she and McCain can understand and relate to the daily problems of the angry mob they represent.

That is a lot of lipstick...

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