Monday, October 27

Indiana Politics

It always makes me feel so proud when Indiana gets a bit of the national spotlight; polls showing even a slight possibility that Barack Obama could win Indiana on election day has put it there.

Unfortunately, news that Johnson County Clerk, Jill Jackson, distributed copies of a blog post referring to Obama as a young, black Hitler, isn't the exposure I hope for.

I know there are a lot of really great people in this state (Hi, Tony and Kathy!); I just wish they spoke up more often and diverted attention from the ones like Jackson.

I hope that most of the Indiana republicans are not of such a mindset. People can disagree on candidates and issues without being reduced to Hitler comparisons.

I felt the same way when I heard about the Family Guy joke and even The Ex-Beauty Queen's Got A Gun line regarding Hitler. At least those 2 incidents were of a farcical nature, so I didn't take their intent too seriously.

Nonetheless, I think we should save such a comparison for a time when one becomes dangerously obvious....hopefully never.

Then again, I guess Nazi/Hitler comparisons for the GOP and their candidates don't seem that offensive when you compare it to the Obama = AntiChrist conjecture.

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