Saturday, August 9

Being Human Makes For An Unattractive Politician

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag. Of course, it is only out because Edwards' denials were getting drowned out by all of that angry meowing coming from said squirming bag.

He cheated on his wife and lied about it. It's not something I approve of nor is it a quality deserving respect. Still, is not the man a sum of all his qualities good and bad?

I am now reading all the advice for Obama and the democrats to run from Edwards as if he was emitting lethal radioactive waste. Why? Because he was a bad man and then lied to us about it? He says he told Elizabeth about his stupidity in 2006; wasn't that the totality of his confessional requirements (Other than to clergy, perhaps?). Why is it any of my or your business? His job performance is all I care about. If he was doing this woman in his office while missing an important vote, then I have a problem with it...job performance not sexual performance.

I love nothing more than to make fun of republicans that are caught doing naughty things. It's more fun with them because they are so in your face about there supposed moral superiority. Still, as long as it wasn't illegal or done on the public's dime, I say let 'em stay in office until they are voted out.

Unfortunately, our need for morally pure and honest politicians makes people cry hypocrite! when they are revealed to be human beings.

I think that Edwards should be given a slot to speak at the convention. It would be nice to see him give a speech about how hard it is to be a politician and a human being. Of course, to get that slot, he should have an open and honest question and answer session with the press prior to his speech.

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