Tuesday, July 1

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Just thought I'd let all of you know that life continues at the Gibson Compound.
Sunday morning, I headed home and flattened a tire. I had to walk a mile back to work and buy some Fix-A-Flat only to find that the hole was way too big for such an easy fix. The cost of the tow and a new tire can be added to the cost of having a plumber come out and see why water is running right thru my water conditioner and into my yard.

Monday, the plumber and the tire shop got their pounds of flesh to make things work a tad better around the compound. My mini-vacation started and I don't have to return to work until Friday...unless by some miracle something better comes along (like death).

Tuesday, daughter and I are planning a Disney movie marathon to wile away the hours.

Just wanted to send out positive thoughts to Kathy Collett in her continuing effort to recover from whatever nasty bug she's fighting. I've been sending these thoughts for a while now, but this is the official announcement. Go over to Tony's blog and say, GET BETTER KATHY!

Another sad celebrity death to take note of. Condolences to family, friends and fans of Don S. Davis. He died on Sunday and fans of great TV have lost another fine actor.

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