Tuesday, July 15

Movie Microviews

Just thought I would make a quick report on my double feature at the AMC on Saturday.

Wall-E was another Pixar classic and beautiful to behold. It was rather weird having clips of real people as part of the story containing animated ones; but, other than that, it was a great time.

I enjoyed Hellboy 2 as much as the first, even though the plot was ridiculously thin. There were 2 obvious ways to end the movie about 20 minutes in, but both resolutions were drug out to the very end. Still, the subplots and character interactions made up for the flaws of the story.

Plus, you can't go wrong with Barry Manilow!

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SuperWife said...

Haven't seen Wall-E, but those around my place who have, insist it's worth the trip. (Now if I can just make the budget recognize that...)

But Hellboy 2 wasn't as enjoyable for me as it was for many. Not having read the comic, the Krauss character was completely lost on me. At first I assumed he was going to turn out to be some evil infiltrator and that would've been cool, but in the end, he contributed nada...except a throwback to the comic fans. (And I'm not saying that's "nothing", it just didn't work for me.)

I had it figured out WAY too early to enjoy the rest of the movie. I found myself less interested in the characters and more interested in watching for the turns that would prove me right. Generally, that's disaster for a movie for me.

I did like the first one. Especially the character interactions. This one didn't stand up to comparison for me, though. I realize, however, that I'm in a minority, though.