Friday, July 11

Hey, Loook! I got posts!!!

My constant need for attention has finally paid off! It seems that this post finally caught the attention of someone who really cares about my unprovoked attacks on big-boob-n-bondage art. I didn't want anyone to miss my comeuppance via this angry half-wit. Ooh! Make that 2 angry half-wits joining together to form a nitwit.

So read and enjoy my humiliation.

Now I wish I could draw so I could have an opinion on art.

Between those 2 and the Canadian pharmacy spammer below, the joint is jumpin'.

1 comment:

SuperWife said...

Well, I know someone who was told until he was a licensed teacher, he couldn't comment on the education system, and until he had biological children of his own (and/or were a licensed all-time favorite around our place), he couldn't be a good parent.

Amazing the idiots out there trying their best to rid the world of intellectual thought.

Sorry to see you getting whacked around, but it appears you still had plenty of ammunition to...couldn't help it...outWIT them...;)