Tuesday, June 17

Just thought I'd pop in and acknowledge the passing of NBC'c Tim Russert. He was a guy that was great at his job and loved doing it. 58 years is short stay, but he got the most out of his time.

Another too-early passing was that of Stan Winston at 62. Talk about great at your job! This man took special-effects to all new heights and was an inspiration for everyone in the field today. He helped scare the shit out of me, and I appreciate that. Thanks, Mr. Winston.

I also got a chance to see The Incredible Hulk over the weekend and was pleased for the most part. It seemed to go out of its way to avoid comparison with the 2003 film; to the point of being a hyper-action film. The finale seemed to go for broke, and I felt a bit overwhelmed by the action and underwhelmed at the same time. I guess I like a bit more down time with my comic book flims.

Still, I look forward to another installment and more from Marvel Studios. Unfortunately, I've already heard rumors that they haven't come to terms with Jon Favreau for the 2nd Iron Man film. It looks like they might be treating the film talent in their new film studio like they did their comic talent during the the early years.

As for life in general? Still sucks. Check back later.

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Tammy said...

Thanks for the Hulk update. We haven't had a chance yet, but are hoping to give it a peek soon.

Also hoping things in your world start the uphill swing soon!! Tell your "boss" I said hello, will ya?