Saturday, May 17

Last weekend, daughter and I trekked to Greenwood to see Iron Man. We intended to use 2 of my silver AMC tickets...oops! Apparently, they can't be used the first 2 weekends of a movie's run! Nowhere on the ticket or at the Coke Rewards website does it mention this fact. I don't mind, as the tickets were basically free, but I would like to know these things in advance. It turns out that AMC does not accept feedback via email; they think you should spring for a stamp if you really have a complaint. Great way to make an unhappy customer even more pissed off.

Anyway, last night, daughter wanted to see the new Narnia movie and offered to pay for my ticket to Iron Man and concessions at the local cinema as an early birthday gift.

I'll have to say that Robert Downey, Jr.was a fantastic choice for Tony Stark and the rest of the cast was outstanding. The film didn't seem to have much excess fat on it and packed a lot of great stuff in the running time. I'd have to say that it is probably the best comic adaptation I've had the joy of viewing. The added bonus is that Marvel Studios seems to be building a shared universe for their movies (to the degree that is possible). The final clip got me all geek-pimply!

It turns out that we won't be getting our stimulus check until the end of June and will only be getting the minimum. Of course, the car needs about $400 in repairs and that will leave barely enough to cover some other things waiting for funds and buy a bit of gruel. Stimulating, indeed.

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