Wednesday, May 28

Anybody Want To Buy A Kidney?

Well, we borrowed enough money to have the car fixed. I get paid tomorrow and have figured that, after paying rent and other bills, I will be negative $37. Now I have a car but no gas....Egads! my life is becoming a suckilicious financial black hole.

If I haven't thrown myself under a bus, I may post something less whiny-woe-is-me tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

thank you mark....
your descriptive remarks
make me feel oh! there's
someone worse outthere then

bill k

Mark said...

Glad to hear it! It is good to know that I am doing some good in the world... making someone else feel better about there circumstances. Maybe I'll keep that kidney after all!

Tony Collett said...

Check your PayPal account for an early birthday present.

Mark said...

As always, you are far to kind! Thanks so much. That will fill my gas tank and maybe I can use one
of my AMC tickets to treat myself to a movie. If my gold ticket comes, maybe I'll visit Mr. Jones and see what's up.

Once again, thank you Tony and Kathy! You are the bestest of the best. If my blogging came to naught but venting, meeting you and those Kentuckians made it a enriching endeavor.