Friday, April 11

30 Days Of Night

The wife and I finally got around to watching 30 Days Of Night last week. She was not a fan... she likes her vamps a bit more urbane (and maybe a bit neater) than the vamps in this film. I enjoyed the movie but had an equal dislike of the vamps.

I have not read the original work, so I can't say what has been changed for the big screen and whom to blame for the portrayal of the vampires in the film.

The vampires are smart enough to cut the town off but too dumb to learn English or at least use it more effectively? I am assuming they have their own language to make them seem more alien to us; instead, they seem like poorly dressed immigrants. Their leader's vampire dialogue sounds like vampire fortune cookies... He who fights what he can't destroy, destroys himself ...

They also seem way too messy. I know lots of blood is kool; but if your only sustenance is blood, would you waste so much of it every time you ate? Also, would it kill them to wipe their mouths once in awhile?

Again, I'm sure their behavior is an effort to make them more alien/feral, but they came off as disorganized and inefficient. Another nagging question is why they couldn't find the survivors for nearly a month?

I would have liked a more cat and mouse situation with the survivors and vamps picking each other off over the course of the movie rather than all that hiding out. I realize being scared shitless might make one want to hunker down; but would think that, after a few days, the strain of that would get them into an offensive frame of mind.

So,there you have it; I enjoyed the latest vampire movie, except for the vampires.

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