Sunday, January 20

2 to Remember

Character actor, Alan Melvin most remembered as Sam the butcher on the Brady Bunch, has died. While that role may be the most recalled, he was a familiar face on many TV shows during a very long career. He was also the voice of Magilla Gorilla.

Suzanne Pleshette has also died. She will, no doubt, be best remembered as Emily Hartley, from the Bob Newhart Show; even though had many memorable roles on both big and small screens.

I like to think that she and Tom Poston are back together now.

My condolences to family, friends and fans.


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SuperWife said...

I hadn't heard about Allan Melvin, and yeah, for me he's Sam the Butcher. Though I have to say that as my father was the living, breathing embodiment of Archie Bunker when "All in the Family" was airing, Allan's also Barney Hefner (Archie's neighbor) to me, too.

Of course, Suzanne Pleshette is always gonna be Emily Hartley for me, but I remember her in THE BIRDS (the first place I ever saw her, I think), and thought she did a good job in it. I had already forgotten that she and Tom Poston were married.