Friday, December 21

I may not be gifted, but I got gifted...

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Tony and Kathy for their way too wonderful Christmas gifts! We were going to open them on Christmas morning but only child talked us into opening them yesterday. I cannot thank you enough; your generosity of spirit is appreciated. Thanks so much. It makes me feel bad that I have to let my The Week subscription lapse.

Tammy and Darren! You made me nuts!!!! Okay, I was already nuts, but you feed my addiction and spirit! Plus, the address on the box was too good! Thanks!

Arlene! Thanks for your gift and the one that is still under the tree. Your gift was on target and greatly appreciated.

You too Bill K.! Your little packages from out of the blue are always a surprise and delight. Thanks for always thinking of us.

I hope you all have the happiest of holidays. If my fortunes ever change, I will repay your kindness and generosity.

Love you all. Your friendship is the best gift of all.

Thanks! Must go. I have something in my eye.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome.
And don't worry about letting The Week lapse. I was kinda expecting it and was getting ready. Besides, it's gone from a magazine I loved to read to going on the stack of stuff I wanted to read and then finding an issue weeks later wondering if I read it all.

Tony C.

Tammy said...

Awww, how sweet!! Geez, I got something in my eye, too...

Darren had a lot of fun addressing all of our out of town packages this year.

Hoping your clan has a wonderful holiday!!