Friday, August 17

Trials and Tribulations of Job(s)

I have been trying to get on at the bookstore in the next town over all summer. I have been bugging them relentlessly and have filled out 2 apps. Finally, it paid off! I was interviewed and offered the job yesterday. I, of course, said yes.

Now, I am thinking of changing my mind. It is pays nearly the same as the supercenter job but is a little further away. With the gas prices being what they are and the size of my car, this is certainly a negative. Still, I love books and think I would enjoy the job.

The problem that has slapped me in the face is that another job has been, not offered but assurances were made, that pays $2 more per hour. This job is a warehouse job that I would most likely hate.... but I would finally be able to meet most of my bills and parental responsibilities if I took it and suffered for a year or 2. I could probably even save some money and afford the occasional jaunt to far away lands (like Louisville).

There's the dilemma. Do I continue scraping by and making my family suffer while I accept the job I would enjoy more or do I take the unappealing job that will make my family's life more enjoyable?

My selfish side says bookstore; my time to grow-up and be responsible self says take the higher-paying job and suffer for the family. I'm 45 and tired of struggling for money and denying myself and my family far too many things.

Feel free to weigh in on my plight before I call the bookstore and tell them I have to un-accept the offer.


Gordon said...

Just my two cents, for whatever that's worth - you said:

The problem that has slapped me in the face is that another job has been, not offered but assurances were made, that pays $2 more per hour.

In my experience, every time an employer makes "assurances", but doesn't offer a position, they usually turn around and offer it to someone else.

(Plus, Barnes & Noble may have some really good opportunities for promotion).

My friend Andy is dealing with a similar issue - happy and poor versus unhappy and not-so-poor. I have taken the "unhappy and not-so-poor" job...and later found that I wasn't paid the level they offered.

Hope this helps muddy the waters a little bit...

Anonymous said...

Gordon makes some good points. I've been pondering your situation. All I can say is watch the skies and check your mail.

Tony C.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, you might check on this warehouse job and find out how likely you are to get it before you proceed. Might turn out that all this frettin' is for nothing, and you don't want to lose both opportunities. And if it is an actual opportunity, then proceed from that.

Tony C.

Arlene said...

Mark! Take the Barnes and Noble job!! (You've probably already made the decision.)

Whatever you do will work out. But I say follow your bliss, the money will follow. I had a friend who worked as a temp at B&N and she loved it. There is potential for growth, too.

whatever you do,

SuperWife said...

Sign me up for the definite at Barnes & Noble as opposed to the possible at the warehouse. I'd be likely to keep my ears open about the warehouse job and knowing me...might be apt (for the reasons you note, too) to take the higher paying job IF IT WERE A DEFINITE. Don't pass on the sure thing that you'd like for a maybe. If the maybe comes through, and you're working at Barnes & Noble, you'll be in a better position to decide whether you want to change or not.

Best of luck to you!! Or, you know, share the wealth (of jobs) with your better half!!

Hope you guys can come visit soon! Miss ya!